Uranus square Pluto Cardinal Cross

A lot of you have asked me about this month's Cardinal Cross, due to become exact on 4/21/14.    Quite honestly, we have been living with this energy since 2012 (the time of the first square) and even as far back as 2008, when Pluto first went into Capricorn (the destruction of the status quo).  The thing that makes this square more powerfully perceived is that the energy has been building for a few years now and this time the
aspect connects directly to the charts of the USA and to that of NY.  Additionally, while it is happening in the world at large, it will only have a strong effect on your life if you have planets or personal points at 13 degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.  Admittedly, many of us have at least one point or progressed planet on or around these degrees so that is where the energy will be most directed.

What is to be expected at the Cardinal Cross square on 4/21/14?

Structures, people, jobs or relationships that are on their last leg many finally crumble.  If there is a larger underlying problem to course correct in your life, it will show up at this time or near the Pluto station on 4/14/14.  Even if it feels like a surprise, if you are honest, you have known that this situation in your life was no longer tenable or resolvable in its current form.  It is time to let it go.

This is a fated time when if you have not been in integrity in certain areas of your life, you will have to pay the piper.  Legal affairs, divorce proceedings, health, tax or immigration issues will have to be dealt with, sometimes in a not very comfortable or easy way.  You may "lose" a lot in the process but that is only because you have not listened to the promptings that have been occuring for months if not years.  (A divorce or business failing does not happen overnight).

While it might not feel good, the ego personality does not like change or challenge, your soul will be applauding you if you let go and jump on the new wave that is being offered as an alternative.   

Resistance is futile and painful as the changes that will arrive are meant to move your life forward, even as you are still clinging to the past.

One negative arena where you may have no power includes the aforementioned governmental interventions or difficult, corrupt bosses, corporations, institutions that will wield their power harshly.  Dictators of all kinds can take over at this time and companies, countries, relationships flounder at their wake.

What is the purpose of all this "deconstruction"?  It is the soul desire to manifest a true and authentic life, relieve ourselves of all the things, thoughts, people, addictions that prevent us from becoming our true selves.  For those who have experienced a Pluto transit, you are beaten down, but once you rise, you are a more powerful, compassionate and authentic individual because some of your root causes have been eradicated.  This is now happening on a personal, professional, political and global level.

Likewise, unusual, unexpected, innovative opportunities and solutions may also show up in your life.  This is the time to move in the direction of the new rather than the tried and true.

How will this manifest in your life?  While there is greater specificity with a personal reading, in general you can expect to be challenged in this area to do something differently:

ARIES--career, role in family

TAURUS--belief systems, connection to spirituality

GEMINI--sexual and financial matters

CANCER--the significant other

LEO--your work habits

VIRGO--love affairs and children

LIBRA--your family or origin, actual home environment

SCORPIO--how you communicate to others

SAGITTARIUS--how you make your money, value your talents

CAPRICORN--who you really are

AQUARIUS--where you give way to rigidity and timidity

PISCES--who your peers are

In most cases, we are being prompted to discontinue our old patterns of engagement and consider taking on a renewed power in this arena of life.

Simultaneously, with the Uranus end of the equation, we can anticipate lightning changes, divorces, separations, liberations, breakthroughs in this area of life:

ARIES--we divorce our old understanding of ourself, break free from old constraints

TAURUS--we are no longer afraid to make changes,  we must open up our thinking and belief in God

GEMINI--new professional connections and goals

CANCER--our career

LEO--our spiritual views

VIRGO--sexual and financial relationships

LIBRA--our significant other

SCORPIO--how we do our work

SAGITTARIUS--personal creativity, inspired love affair

CAPRICORN--our relation to our family, time to move

AQUARIUS--our friendships, especially if they remind us of our siblings

PISCES--your money

Whatever comes up this month, you will have six months to resolve or complete it.  If you have begun to advance in your career or relationship and there is a delay due to external circumstances, all systems will be go in September.

In addition to the Uranus square Pluto aspect, we will also experience two eclipses.  The first on 4/15/14 will show the outcome to circumstances set off last Oct 2013, even going as far back as 2010-2012, generally concerning an issue of fairness and reciprocity.  The second eclipse on 4/29/14 brings the next chapter coming developments begun in November 2013.

It may feel uncomfortable to ride through this month, but we will be different people with a stronger sense of our priorities and commitments by month's end.

Go with the punches and allow your soul and the cosmos to guide you to a new life!

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First printed on April 1, 2014


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