A large percentage of astrologer are counselors, whether with actual accreditation or by virtue of their role with clients.  Yet, the number of therapists who integrate astrology into their practice is very small.

This is an unfortunate oversight in that astrology WAS the first psychology, theology, philosophy and medicine in human history.  And the forefather of modern psychology, Carl Jung, derived many of his theories from his observation of astrological symbolism.

Over the course of human history, there has been no greater system for knowing oneself than astrology.  It speaks to all the areas of life--i.e. the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms.  Yet astrology is generally not consulted in therapeutic practice when attempting to untangle a client's biography, motivations and underlying predisposition.

When dealing with the story of a person's life, the birth chart can unveil the who, what, when where, why and how of an individual's soul biography.

What are some of the benefits of using astrology in therapeutic practice?  How can this science help the therapist do his or her job with greater clarity and deeper insight?

1.  timing around client's issues

Based on the client's chart and the transits they are receiving (the current astrological weather), the practitioner can focus on the issues truly being raised at the time (as opposed to the apparent or surface problem).  The chart can indicate the acute situation (with transits) as well as the chronic underlying conditions (the birth chart itself).

The personal cycles of the patient will show the emotional readiness (or not) of the client to make progress on their issues.

Astrology can reveal whether the client is actually ready for a breakthrough or quantum leap or is more interested in recapturing/seeking out missing needs from the past.  For instance, one is more readily able to let go of the past during a Saturn transit, be open to accelerated change during a Uranus transit and deal with long-standing emotional issues (possibly generational) during a Pluto transit.  The latter is the most dynamic time for depth psychology whereas the Uranus transit may breed epiphanies and wakeup calls.

2.  As astrology returns us to the scene of the crime, certain cycles repeat in an individual's life and an astrologer can pinpoint where and when a certain symptom/complex began and discern when a repeating timeline will come up in which the symptoms can be relieved or possibly relived with awareness once and for all.  This will increase the effectiveness of truly healing and transforming the client's life.

3.  Assist in defining the type of therapy that would best maximize results.  The proper therapy can be applied when one is clear on what the seed issue is rather than simply applying a standard method in a period that will not work to best advantage or at all.

4.  Reveal hidden emotional or sexual predilections.  Abuse, trauma, incest, emotional enmeshment, isolation, these can all be seen in the astrological chart of the client.  Sexual identity issues, bi-sexuality, frigidity, impotence can also be indicated along with the original incident (in the case of sexual dysfunction) that set this pattern in motion (and the identity of the perpetrator or abuser).

5.  Mother/father issues, the basis of Freudian analysis can be unearthed by looking at the Sun (father) and the Moon (mother) and their respective connections.  Likewise, underlying sibling dynamics can also be discerned.

6.  The birth chart can indicate possible mental health disorders ranging from bi-polar disorder, depression, narcissism, psychosis, split or multiple personality disorder.  These can corroborate the original diagnosis of the therapist or psychiatrist.

7.  If applicable, the birth chart can reference possible past life traumas affecting current day reality, including insomnia, fear of heights, inexplicable phobias and fetishes.  This is particularly helpful in shamanic work.

8.  The personal horoscope can provide insight into client's communication style, desire nature, hidden compulsions, the nature of their shame, judgement and guilt in order to better assist in excavating and releasing hidden sabotaging behaviors.

9.  Astrology can provide more specific direction into the most beneficial therapy for the moment or overall healing of the individual.  The client's internal archetypal picture is evident in the chart and can articulate the soul needs that the client who is splintered or in denial may not be aware of.

What an astrologer CANNOT  do is the long-term therapeutic behavior modification, support, coaching or health counseling (unless one is the rare medical astrology). Likewise, the prescribing of medication, herbs, supplements is generally not the domain of the astrologer.  We are not there in the trenches for the day-to-day, week to week improvements/setbacks in the patient's journey.  Yet, once again, we can provide a timeline for when the situation might improve and what internal conditions might need to be addressed in the individual.

The beauty of astrology is that the birth chart offers both the disease/diagnosis and the cure.  The manner in which to resolve intransigent issues involves a reworking of the energetic patterns, behavior grooves in the manner in which homeopathy works.  Astrology can offer a more effective blueprint for living one's life using the assets and challenges of the chart.

I think astrology is an amazing tool to be utilized in tandem with classic psychology and other therapeutic methods.  One diagnostic reading can provide invaluable multi-layered information about a client.

I invite those in the healing and mental health professions to consider consulting with an astrologer to access information (with the client's permission, of course) that may be hidden but is available through careful analysis of the birth chart.  In that way, you can help accelerate the growth of the client and potentially alleviate their pain in a more effective and timely manner.

In the current moment when science and spirituality are merging, why not use utilize the most integrated system of thought (astrology) to heal the body, mind and soul of your clients!