September 2015 Astrology FORECASt

By Patrice Kamins


This fall heralds the beginning of a new life.  We have struggled through some difficult months and personal letting go's (some of us since 2008) and now we will see the fruits of our labors.

A major thorn in our side, but one with a wink, has been Saturn (planet of karma and responsibility) travelling through the sign of Scorpio these last 2 1/2 years.  Saturn has demanded that we look closely at the tradeoff between sex and money, our financial exchanges, our energetic attachments.
In many cases, we have had to face our shadow, be it despair, infidelity, betrayal (usually of self), addictions, dependencies.  This has been an emotionally excruciating time but one which we will not have to visit again for another 29 years.  To understand the energy of this cycle, take a look at this video:


Saturn dipped into Sagittarius briefly at the end of 2014 through June so we may have had a glimpse of what the next 2 1/2 years promise.  Saturn in Sagittarius will be a much more productive and optimistic energy (it's ruler is Jupiter/beneficence rather than Pluto/deep transformation).  For those who surrendered the ego in the Scorpio sojourn, the journey through Sagittarius will be very rewarding and greatly supports publishing, spiritual, higher education and international endeavors (provided they are in alignment with your purpose).

We can all expect the opportunity to concretize an important vision here over the next 2 1/2 years (read for Sun and rising sign):

ARIES--writing, teaching (on the university or adult level), spiritual growth, consciousness-raising

TAURUS--better financial and sexual partnerships, an international investor

GEMINI--a solid relationship with a worldly individual

CANCER--work that satisfies our soul

LEO--creative projects dear to our hearts, children of any kind (pets, art, an experienced lover)

VIRGO--finding your home, literal or figurative

LIBRA--writing, connecting, community relations

SCORPIO--making money by expanding other people's worlds

SAGITTARIUS--stepping into your true self, becoming the wise leader

CAPRICORN--getting in touch with your inner fire, strong intuition

AQUARIUS--a humanitarian project that has global implications

PISCES--developing a deserved reputation in your field

Eclipses are also cosmic events that move our lives irrevocably forward.  Some, like lunar eclipses, will either extricate ourselves from outworn situations or close a chapter in our lives.  The solar eclipse on Sept 13th at 20 degrees Virgo is a super-charged new moon that presages much new growth and opportunities over the next 6 1/2 years.  In the sign of Virgo, our focus must be on serving others, executing our mission, doing our dharma.

Depending on it's location in your chart (read for sun and rising sign), you can expect greater motivation to help others in this way:

ARIES--work that helps others to lead healthy and productive lives

TAURUS--creative or tangible services that lift people to greater productivity

GEMINI--being at home with yourself, creating environments that heal yourself and others

CANCER--engaging in your local community in providing useful servicces or products

LEO--understanding your value and inspiring others to be themselves

VIRGO--becoming the service leader you were always meant to be

LIBRA--finding your inner practical side, bringing your dreams into manifestation (they are connected to the zeitgeist)

SCORPIO--providing information or connections that bring the world closer together, use of technology to help solve
humanity's problems

SAGITTARIUS--finding ways to bring your wisdom to others in a practical and tangible way

CAPRICORN--bringing your business acumen to far-flung locations the world over

AQUARIUS--attracting a business partner or sponsor who can make your vision real

PISCES--manifesting a true partner in life

The one overarching trend and destruction/creation energy since 2008 has been Pluto (planet of deconstruction/rebirth) travelling through the sign of Capricorn (consensus reality).  While he will continue to decimate certain entrenched structures until 2024, we will be walking between two worlds--the old and the new.  Pluto demands that we relinquish all the inauthentic parts of our lives and if we are resistent, they are removed nevertheless.

In recent years, Pluto has affected those with planets or personal points at 0 - 15 degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.  (A similar energy barraged the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, SAgittarius and Pisces between 1995 - 2008).  We are at the halfway point of this transitioning of the cultural norms.  This advancement and necessary chaos have been aided by Uranus (planet of revolution) in Aries travelling in a clashing square to Pluto since 2012.  

To read more about the Uranus/Pluto square, please follow the link below (which include video links at bottom for overviews of these important astrological trends)


Pluto will turn direct in Capricorn, advancing the causes/new beginnings/ends that occurred in April 2015.  Pluto direct in Capricorn will ask that you assume non-egoic authentic power here:

ARIES--become the new leader in your industry

TAURUS--eliminate small clannish thinking in favor of universal law

GEMINI--attract partners that are your equal or superior

CANCER--understand the growth potential in relationship, be a grownup in your encounters with others

LEO--do work that helps others, represent the new guard rather than the old corporatocracy

VIRGO--deal with subconscious material and create art

LIBRA--kill off your family of origin, move into the role of father

SCORPIO--be in charge of your thoughts, express your deep ideas to those around you

SAGITTARIUS--allow yourself to be paid according to your real value

CAPRICORN--you are the new power guard, do not play by the old patriarchal rules

AQUARIUS--understand that you do have an inner conservative, meld him/her with your more revolutionary tendencies

PISCES--find your peer group in the world

On the 28th, we experience a lunar eclipse at 4 Aries/Libra.  As mentioned above, a lunar eclipse may bring necessary endings if you have not listened to the promptings of the universe to change up your life.  While that is generally the case, earlier transits in 2009-2010 may have already created the necessary separation and now you can use this eclipse to show how far you've come since then.  This can instead be a point of manifestation and development of a long range vision.

The lunar eclipse can show the growth and progress you've made in these areas, while signalling the next stage of evolution:

ARIES--healing the male/female divide, figuring out that you can be a me in a we

TAURUS--understanding the need for chaos as well as stability, balancing these in your life

GEMINI--realizing that in order to be creative in the world, you must allow yourself the opportunity to play, nurturing your inner child helps everyone else

CANCER--how to integrate the mother/father split, allowing yourself to be a grownup

LEO--realizing that your thoughts and ideas have value to the larger collective

VIRGO--developing a better balance between giving and receiving

LIBRA--learning how to be in relationship with an equal, loving yourself first

SCORPIO--realizing you don't have it all together, admitting your fears allows you to heal

SAGITTARIUS--the world needs to hear what you have to say, trusting in yourself

CAPRICORN--deciding you don't have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, allowing others to nurture you

AQUARIUS--you are a big picture individual and finally the world and your environment is catching up to you

PISCES--no more sacrifice, believing in yourself allows others to support you

So as you can see, we can anticipate a fabulous month of positive forward momentum!  Don't be afraid of thinking big!  The universe WILL support you provided you are in alignment with your true purpose.

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"Rather than be a victim of fate, be a co-creator of your destiny!"