Welcome!  Astrology is a magnificent and elegant system for understanding your self and your place in the world.

Astrology is not unlike music.  Ten planetary symbols, similar to musical notes, can be combined in various manners and relationships to create a classical symphony or a dissonant rock opera.  Each of our horoscopes invokes a certain tonality and unique expression.

Unlike other healing modalities, astrology is not "one size fits all".  Your chart is

unique to your time and place and birth circumstances so a reading provides

truly individualized guidance

An experienced astrologer can interpret your unique patterns and provide you with invaluable information to improve your life.


What can astrology do for you?

   * awaken you to your patterns/conditioning and provide antidotes for using the energy differently (Your chart reveals the disease and the cure)

   * provide personalized guidance for improving your relationships/understand and integrate your projections
    * increase self love by having compassion for your journey to date. A reading will confirm many feelings/intuitions you have carried for years and give voice to your experiences.

   * inspire and guide you to personal mastery, thus releasing the need to control or be affected by others

   * bring more light, humor and "magic" into your life


What information will a reading provide?

In addition to timing (the "bling" of astrology and one of my professional strengths), other information present in your birth chart includes:

    * career direction/public role/connection to "fame" or the zeitgeist
    * your "ideal" partner and those best suited as lovers, business colleagues or friends

    *  personal global hotspots, challenging geographical locations

    *  destiny/life purpose/dharma
    *  past lives/karma/emotional and psychological attachments/samskara

    *  dreams and wishes (they are unique to you!)

    *  chosen "strengths" and "weaknesses" and their purpose

    *  the best means toward maximizing your potential in the various areas of life

    *  where you delude yourself, where you become obsessed, where you shine

    *  how you can use the energy of your chart more effectively and change the script

    *  critical turning points and opportunities to "get off the wheel"

"My intention is to bring consciousness to the journey your soul wants to take in this lifetime". 

The energy's going to happen, so you  might as well enjoy the ride!