"Perhaps the most valuable two hour investment of my life. Gave me insight that I didn't even know existed. Talented reader."
Alan Shapiro

"My reading with you in May 2014 was a wonderful experience. I felt an instant connection and was amazed at your ability to "get" me, in so many facets of my personality and my life. The insight into my relationship was spot on, not only at that time of my reading but about things that would occur in the months thereafter. I often listened to the recording of our reading as time passed and things happened just as you predicted. I am excited to have another reading with you as I enter into a new chapter of my life!!" - Amy B.


Patrice is one of the most generous and dedicated people I have ever met. Not only super accurate with her readings, she clearly goes well beyond the distance to make her clients happy with her Astrology readings. - Avi M.


Patrice's readings are authentic and if you're going through a difficult time, she eases your mind by letting you know when things will feel lighter and the lesson that's meant to be learned. Her dates are eerily accurate. Patrice doesn't sugarcoat what's happening in your life and the people close to you.  I think I've recommended everyone I know to her because she's so incredibly gifted and sweet. She's also turned into a close friend! I adore you. Thanks for everything!

With Love & Natural Beauty - Agent Nateur

"My first reading with Patrice was Monumental for me! It was over five years ago and I STILL refer to it because it was SO spot on. I was in awe while she was conveying my chart to me and describing the details of my life in the past, present and future. Aside from her gift of astrology, she is a very kind, generous and intuitive person whom I loved getting to know. Over the years, I have had other readings, which were also extremely unbelievable, including a couples reading with my husband. She is still someone I would connect with when/if I felt I needed another set of eyes/ears to help guide me in different situations. I highly recommend Patrice to anyone willing to delve a little deeper into this incredible Journey of Life. Good Luck to You and Thank You again dear Patrice. With Love Always, Sheila"

I have been involved with metaphysics for 50 years and I have met numerous Astrologers over the years and PATRICE KAMINS IS BY FAR THE BEST. Patrice's information is informative along with being easy to understand and incredibly accurate. Patrice is able to go in and explain in detail why things are manifesting in our lives, what planets are influencing us along with knowing when to expect changes. Not only is Patrice a very gifted Astrologer she is also incredibly intuitive adding something special to her readings. I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT PATRICE AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER. She has read for me for a few years now and has always been right on point with her readings.  Claudia Roth, Love @ Gold Light


"I have worked with Patrice over many years and she has provided we with the kind of support and guidance that has enabled me to pursue my interests and passions with confidence. Patrice is truly a visionary. She is intelligent and intuitive and able to impart her insights about one's place in the world in a style both methodical and nurturing.  Patrice has the ability to to help one attain his or her own potential in ways that one would rarely have the knowledge to reach on his or her own."
-Mitchell Ross


"We all ultimately want to create a better life. Sometimes it’s necessary to tap into insight that can help us navigate the journey.  Patrice has an ability to interpret overall themes as well as the nuances in deep rooted belief systems, karmic patterns and the attitudes that are shaping who we are. FOR YEARS I HAVE HAD HER ON SPEED DIAL AND CONTINUE TO REFER MY CLIENTS TO HER FOR HER DEEPER ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHT AND INFORMATION  She will help you see more and better prepare you as you create that better life.”   

Gabe Nies, Communications Coach,  www.gabenies.com   


"Patrice hits it out of the park.  She celebrates the idiosyncracies of each client and gives sensible advice that incorporates one's astrological personality." - Elisabeth K


" Patrice is very professional and her readings are insightful and powerful. I've had more then one reading with her and would definitely recommend her. "
Viktoriya D.

PATRICE HAS HELPED ME NAVIGATE UNBELIEVABLY HUGE, POSITIVE CHANGES IN MY LIFE, INCLUDING A MOVE TO A DIFFERENT STATE AND A CHANGE IN CAREER.  With her help, I have been able to identify and embrace my true passions and make smart decisions to courageously go after them.  I am so grateful to know her and be on the receiving end of her wisdom, intuition and guidance.  Nicole Karaman

Partnering with Patrice in order to align with my most positive, productive potential has been nothing short of uplifting, motivating, and entirely beneficial. Her helpful guidance and astrological knowledge are unparalleled. I would be hard-pressed to find another cosmological adviser more personable and informative than Patrice; she truly knows her stuff. I am grateful that our stars have aligned and that I have had the chance to work with her. Patrice is an invaluable resource whose services I will continue to utilize in deepest gratitude.

- Brandon P., Malibu, CA

"Patrice Kamins is an OUTSTANDING ASTROLOGER. I have been working with Patrice for over 10 years. She has helped me tremendously on a soulful, spiritual and emotional level get to the core of where I need to be. She uses her keen ability and guidance to tap into how to use your special strengths and gifts in life. She explores your past helping you to release what needs to be healed, so you can easily move forward. She clarifies and identifies what you should be doing in your life, helping you to be your highest and best self. She is one of the smartest women I know, she cares and has deep compassion to support you on your journey. I highly recommend Patrice Kamins and her wonderful gifts as an astrologer to guide you in the life you are meant to live.

Betsy Karp...The Color Coachwww.thecolorcoach.me

Hi Patrice.  What a delight:

I first met Patrice about 5 years ago.  It was on the day that I decided never to consult my horoscope ever again.  I only had had two astrological readings in my life.  Both of them were life changing.  But I had moved on.  I remember asking her what she did for a living.  She answered:  "I'm a metastrologer".  I smiled, kept quiet, did not tell her of my new resolution.  About a month later I attended a friend's reading.  It was astounding.  Subsequently I had one which not only was accurate in relation to to my life so far but proved to be about 90% accurate over the next two years.  

Currently I receive quarterly reports.  I find Patrice's way of phrasing events very helpful and supportive. She has great acumen and that coupled with a highly intuitive mind and extremely knowledgeable understanding of all things astrological make for quite the guidance.   It is like having a road map to your life.  It isn't your life but helps you take the best route forward.  Of course, one can become addicted to this kind of help but what I have found with her is a way to use this to check in on progress, adjust to circumstances and always a support to flowing with life.  There are astrologers and astrologers and then there is Patrice Kamins.   --Tom Kennedy