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about me


I am an astrologer and metaphysical correspondent

with an international client base.

In addition to offering personal readings,

I am a writer and creator of two video series



Quantum Astrology


Astrology and how to live life consciously


If all the world's a stage, then who is writing the script?  Astrologers with a strong evolutionary orientation are well aware of the power behind the chart which in essence is God.  We are all merely different forms of the creator and our charts show our particular flavor of existence.


On the meta level, if life is a game, then Astrology and your chart reveal how the game is played.  It's like a four dimensional chessboard where time, space, energy and self intersect.   At every moment, there is an interactivity that is happening between you, the player and the forces of the universe.


A sense of humor and self acceptance are vital if we are to get the joke of life and engage fully in the proceedings.  We don't have to like it all the time, but understand that by it's very nature of contrasts, we follow the ebbs and flows of existence.


To reiterate, there are certain rules of the game of life and astrology can very deftly interpret and communicate how energy works.  The astrological symbols in and of themselves are neutral and merely descriptive.  But they have plasticity and the consciousness of the individual will determine the quality of dialogue between self and creator.  I don't believe we've even scratched the surface of what this symbolic language can offer in terms of navigating the soul's journey and I look forward to delighting in the ongoing discoveries!


May the coming times exceed your wildest expectations!!!